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Scanning photos? Convert your iPhone or iPad into a portable photo scanner with Pic Scanner app. Scan multiple photos at a time! Fast & easy. Unlimited scanning with a one-time purchase.

Pic Scanner: Scan photos with iPhone, iPad

In 2013, Pic Scanner became the world's first mobile app for scanning multiple photos with one tap on iPhone or iPad. It's still one of the best apps for saving and sharing old memories.

Pic Scanner turns your iPhone or iPad into a portable picture scanner. Batch scan photos: Four photos at a time; this app detects, automatically crops and saves them separately.

This app makes scanning photos very fast and simple:

  • Batch scan photos
  • Automatic cropping
  • Quick edit tools
  • Automatic perspective correction
  • Filters to enhance pics
  • Captions to capture stories about the photos
  • Organize photos in digital photo albums
  • Scan albums, a page at a time
  • Slideshow mode to view scanned pictures
  • Transfer pics to Camera Roll and computer
  • Post to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google+
  • Share snapshots via email, iMessage
  • Back-up / archive (Dropbox, iPhoto, iCloud)
  • Upload to Picasa, Flickr, Pinterest via Photos
  • High resolution scans

  • Pic Scanner needs no internet for scanning photos, so you can scan anytime and anywhere. This app makes it a snap to breathe life back into legacy memories, bring your past into the present!

    Pic Scanner has received good reviews from the BBC (Click), Cult of Mac, Gizmodo, iPad Insight, The Guardian and many other respected app reviews. This scanner app also enjoys good user ratings.

    Pic Scanner customer service is fast and personalized. Further, a 'User Guide' and 'Troubleshooting Tips' are available via the app's blog and website.

    Use Pic Scanner to convert your photographed past times into shareable, digital files that fit in your pocket or the palm of your hand. This may be the best photo scanner app to save old photos!