Scan Memories With iPhone or iPad.

 Scan photos and old albums with Pic Scanner.
 Four pictures at a time, scanned, cropped
 and saved individually. All the essential photo scanning tools. Like having a portable photo
 scanner in your pocket. Fast and easy. Get it now!


Photo scanning, reinvented:

Memories are everything. You’ve had many memorable, cherished moments – people, places, pets, events and milestones. Don’t let your priceless pictures fade away, lying forgotten in old shoeboxes or albums.

Pic Scanner makes scanning so fast and easy, there’s no excuse to put it off any longer. Scan multiple photos at a time. Edit. Apply filters. Add captions. Create digital albums. Share or archive in the cloud. Costs less than a cup of coffee, but as addictive!

Probably the best app for scanning photos.


Photos-to-Digital Help
Tips to help you scan photos
with Pic Scanner app can also
be found on our blog page.

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